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He has designed and delivered corporate development programmes, focused speaking events, and has coached executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs.
He specialises in challenging assignments, solving systems problems and facilitating group and team planning sessions.

Angelo Kehayas is certified as a Master Coach, Certified Management Consultant and NLP Practitioner. 

Whether you are an individual seeking
personal growth or a business that wants to
understand how to excel and grow your business


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As a high profile speaker the nature of my talks are based on how experiences are shaped around them

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If you’re going to take advice from someone in business it should be someone who is a leader in their particular field. I am a leader in this industry and I worked my way up from one of the WORST public speakers of all time.


Years ago I heard Oprah say something that I never, ever forgot. She said, “Nerves are a selfish emotion because you’re making the experience all about you.” It’s so true! When you’re nervous about a public speaking opportunity it’s because you’re worried about how you’ll look or sound or come across. But it’s not about youit’s about them! I have carried that quote with me into countless keynotes and press appearances over the years. 

Anytime I start to feel nervous I remind myself that this is not about me. Any presentation or keynote is a massive opportunity to positively affect the lives of people listening to you so I spend all my prep time focusing on what they need. How can I help them? What wisdom can I share? What tools do I know about? Obsess over all the ways you can help and it puts the attention right where it should be– on the community you’re trying to serve.

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